Food Connects, an entrepreneurial non-profit organization that focuses on locally produced food, successfully completed its “Growing Local Food Markets in the Monadnock Region” campaign.

The campaign, run through the Local Crowd Monadnock, focused on improving the Food Connects Food Hub’s internal infrastructure to expand market access for their local farmers and food producers.

Thanks to the generosity of more than 70 different individuals, Food Connects raised $10,850 by April 18. Additionally, community shoppers at the Monadnock Food Co-op and Hannah Grimes Marketplace supported this campaign through sales promotions and customer round-ups. “We are incredibly humbled and grateful for the generosity of our community,” said Executive Director Richard Berkfield. “We continue to see an outpouring of support for our local food economy and we want to thank all of our community supporters and partners for their commitment to local food during this time.”

The funds raised through this campaign will go toward Food Connects’ food-safety program and delivery infrastructure. As Food Connects grows and improves its internal systems it can access larger wholesale markets, allowing the many local food producers they work with to sell their products on a larger scale, supporting individual business growth goals and creating a more resilient local food economy.

For more information or to inquire about volunteer opportunities, contact