The Dublin Community Center (DubHub) has invited Dublin community members to respond to its statement on racism and to share input for future programming at a Zoom-based meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 29, from 7 to 8 p.m. Members of the Dublin community may request an invitation via email at

This session will be open to two rounds of comments (two minutes or less each time). The first round will be a direct response to the Hub’s statement, the second round (time permitting) will be for suggestions for future programming around racism.

The DubHub Statement on Racism is as follows:

“The Dublin Community Center recognizes and stands with the awakening recognition that violence — individual and systemic — towards Black people, Indigenous people and People of Color (BIPOC) is unacceptable. We affirm that this is a human rights issue.

“We acknowledge that there is structural racism within our country, and as such, inherently present within our community. We acknowledge that privilege for our white community members exists at both the simple level of daily life and within our larger financial, governmental, educational and political institutions, and that this privilege, whether overtly or unconsciously expressed, is harmful for our BIPOC community members. We also recognize and respect that within our community there are differing opinions and expectations of how we move forward as part of this change that is happening in the larger world and here in our community. Recognizing that the strength and character of a community is not reflected in its harmony, but in how it addresses the complexity of its conflict, we pledge to serve as a safe space where healthy conversations can happen to address these conflicts and to support opportunities so that our community can consciously address and change all forms of racism.”