The Cheshire County Conservation District has announced the second year of a new grant program which will provide small grants up to $1,500 for wildlife habitat improvement projects. The Conservation Opportunity Fund’s mission is to provide funding for owners of small tracts of land who are interested in improving the wildlife habitat on their property. This program is an annual opportunity to support environmental stewardship and the ecological integrity of Cheshire County.

Four applications were accepted in 2020 and progress is underway toward completing those projects. CCCD now seeks a new round of proposals from landowners of small tracts of land, less than 25 acres, who are interested in funding to make meaningful long-term impact on wildlife habitat and biodiversity. Eligible applicants include individuals, businesses, farmers, and/or forestland owners.

Types of projects eligible to receive funding from the Conservation Opportunity Grant include:

Installation of native pollinator habitat

Installation of rain gardens

Creation/maintenance of early successional habitat

Creation of vegetated buffers on surface waters (e.g. lakes, streams, etc)

Conversion of lawns and/or fields to native plant gardens

Anyone who has a project idea that is not listed above may call the CCCD office to inquire about eligibility.

Request for Proposals and the 2021 Application forms, along with some resources related to eligible projects can be found on the CCCD’s website at

Completed applications are due no later than March 1 and can be submitted digitally or by hard copy in the mail. Applications must be postmarked or received by email by the due date. Proposals can be mailed to Conservation Opportunity Fund, Cheshire County Conservation District, 11 Industrial Park Drive, Walpole, NH 03608 or emailed to Successful grant applicants will be notified of award by mid-April 2021.

The Conservation Opportunity Fund is a grant program that is privately funded and administered by the Cheshire County Conservation District. For further information, and to discuss project proposals contact Amanda Littleton at 756-2988, extension 4 or