The Brattleboro Words Project will hold a public launch presentation as its Brattleboro Words Trail audio tours go live on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at 7 p.m. on Zoom.

Participants will have a chance to hear stories about how scores of citizens, students and scholars helped produce 52 audio destinations for regional biking and driving tours throughout Windham County, including several sites in nearby New Hampshire and Massachusetts, and 47 audio destinations that compose a downtown Brattleboro Tour. The regional tours and downtown tour each have a companion map which will be available for free in and around town after the launch.

On the Brattleboro Words Trail, people will have a chance to hear stories as diverse as that of Guilford’s Andrew Kopkind, one of the nation’s first openly gay journalists; a never-before-released tape of Eleanor Roosevelt’s advice on U.S. global leadership to graduating Putney School students; correcting the historical record of Frederick Douglass’ first known speech on Lincoln’s assassination in downtown Brattleboro; modern storyteller Tom Bodett’s musings on the power of story and words; and more.

Registration is required at