James A. Tuttle Library in Antrim has been selected as one of 200 libraries to participate in Libraries Transforming Communities: Focus on Small and Rural Libraries, an American Library Association (ALA) initiative that helps library workers better serve their small and rural communities.

The award comes with a $3,000 grant that will help the library have a community conversation on the future of the library.

“We are so proud to be chosen for this amazing opportunity,” said Library Director Cindy Jewett. “This grant will allow our library to get to know our residents better and help us build a happier and healthier community for our families.”

As part of the grant, the library staff will take an online course in how to lead conversations. Staff will then host an online conversation with residents about re-imagining their library and use the grant funds to update technology.

Information: 588-6786 or https://www.antrimnh.org/james-tuttle-library