Young Women in Science and Engineering, a program of Northern Heritage Mills, a nonprofit educational organization in Acworth, delivered several aeronautical engineering workshops during the N.H. Girls in Technology Day at the N.H. Technology Institute in Concord on March 18.

The goal of Technology Day is to have several hundred young women experience technology that will inspire the next generation of science and engineering industry specialists. Each of the three workshops are designed by Heritage Mills to make aeronautical engineering and the science of flight interesting, understandable and fun to learn.

Workshop components included radio-beam technology where the young women learned about using radio-controlled model planes by applying basic physics and aerodynamic principles for motorized flight and a glider; using wind-tunnel handout graphics to explain how to reduce friction to increase speed and reduce fuel use; and viewing the physics of flight and how a propeller, vertical rudder and ailerons actually work. Students constructed a flying wing model and controlled it in flight after viewing a large-scale model radio-controlled airplane.

The workshops were designed to be an introduction for a Heritage Mills 2021 project of creating a film titled “Aerospace Engineering, Deep Space Ecology and Carbon Free Energy,” which young women in the science and engineering program will kick off at an engineering picnic scheduled to be held at the U.S. National Park Service property in Cornish this August. Further information can be found by contacting Heritage Mills at

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