The Acworth Community Charitable Trust has announced $11,000 in grant awards for 2020.

Recipients include:

The Acworth Community Project to upgrade refrigerated display cases at the Village Store in South Acworth;

The Acworth Fire and Rescue Company for purchase of an automatic external defibrillator;

The Acworth Cemetery Trustees to complete restoration of the town hearse and to purchase specialty supplies for cleaning headstones;

Friends of the Acworth Meetinghouse for the Hill Church painting project;

Norah Prodhoel attending an American Heritage Tour to Washington, DC;

Logan Wheeler attending the Kroka “Cedars to Sea” expedition.

The mission of the trust is to support charitable projects that benefit the town of Acworth and its citizens. It is supported by donations from more than 120 members and by an annual fundraising event.

Information:, or contact trust secretary Stella Herpel at