Fenton Family Dealerships has announced that its 9th Annual Fenton Family Food Drive has collected 805 pounds of food donations and $6,753 in cash donations to benefit the Community Kitchen in Keene. And by matching all cash donations, Fenton Family Dealerships doubled the amount of cash donated to the Community Kitchen to $13,506.

Due to the pandemic, the Fenton Family Food Drive was done a bit differently this year. Only two in-person locations in Keene were available — at Hannaford on West Street and the Monadnock Food Co-op on Cypress Street — and boxes were set up in a way so donations could be dropped off without any close contact. Instead of groups of volunteers gathering to collect these donations and to hand out cookies to passing shoppers, Phoebe Bray and the Community Kitchen team collected the contributions to the food drive intermittently.

“I’m constantly amazed at the support the [Community] Kitchen gets from the Keene community, and even more amazed with how well the Kitchen is managed,” said Bill Fenton, president and founder of Fenton Family Dealerships.

For information about the Community Kitchen in Keene, visit https://thecommunitykitchen.org. For information about Fenton Family Dealerships, visit https://www.fentondealerships.com.