Name: Martha S. Hennessey

Age: 64

Town: Hanover

Party affiliation: Dem

How long have you lived in New Hampshire: 32 yrs

Family: husband, Steve Severson, 3 (adult children) and 5 granddaughters

Education: Dartmouth (AB), U. of Penna (MBA, Ph.D.)

Occupation: Educational psychologist

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Amer. Psych Assoc (APA), NHPA (NH Psych Assoc),

Public/government service: NH House (2014-16), NH Senate (2016-18)

1. Why are you seeking this elected office, and what are the three most-important issues you are focused on addressing if elected?

I am seeking re-election in order to continue to serve the people in District 5. Many initiatives were blocked in the past two years, and I hope that we will regain the majority to repeal the voter suppression bill, to reduce gun violence, and to secure adequate funding for NH public schools (K-College).

2. In many rural areas of the state and this region, privately funded, commercial Internet is barely functional compared with fiber-optic systems in larger cities. How does New Hampshire deal with this challenge that is critical to keeping it competitive?

High speed internet is no longer a luxury, but is a necessity for NH. Our childrens educations will suffer in rural areas without it, and the many small and home-based businesses cropping up in more rural areas also can’t compete without adequate internet infrastructure. Our state must increase and sustain investment in state-wide broadband infrastructure. Although there can be large costs to bring the infrastructure up to date NH runs the risk of having higher long-term costs if we don’t invest now. Investing now will prepare NH for the increased number of people who tele-commute and will provide reduced expenses, a cleaner environment, more jobs, and may attract more people to live in our great state.