Tim Greenwood


Tim Greenwood, in Iceland recently.

Tim Greenwood doesn’t want to hang his hat on a piece of paper and a list of accolades.

When asked to write down his individual accomplishments, he jotted down “none.”

He’d much rather measure his life in experiences. And he has plenty to go by.

Weeks after graduating 12th in his class at Keene High with a 4.15 GPA, Greenwood and three friends had their bags packed for Iceland.

“Just exploring,” Greenwood said in a text, referring to the inspiration for his trip.

“It’s just three friends and I in a totally different country just backpacking around,” Greenwood would later add. “We did the Laugavegur Trail, which offered some of the best views I’ve ever seen in my life. Each trip seems to get better and better so I hope the next one is even better. But one tip for anyone is to travel. You’ll meet new people, see amazing views, and see different perspectives that you never thought were there. Traveling is an amazing thing.”

Last summer, Greenwood organized a trip with friends Ben Burdett and Hyo Carty to hike the tallest summit in each of the six New England states in six days.

His experiences crossed over into athletics.

Greenwood played three sports — golf, ice hockey and lacrosse — all four years of high school, graduating as one of nine 12-season athletes at Keene High.

Most memorably, Greenwood, donning neon green laces through the playoffs, captained the Blackbirds to the hockey program’s first state title. He notched an assist on the overtime winner that capped the Division II title.

Greenwood was never the biggest kid on the ice and he took his fair share of hits. He learned to scratch and claw and take advantage when others underestimated him.

He led the Birds in scoring and is the fourth Keene High player to reach 100 career points.

He refused to be singled out for recognition, instead demanding that his teammates join him in the picture with his milestone puck.

At the time, Greenwood said: “I really can’t believe I did it, but I’m still the same person. It doesn’t change anything. We still have a championship to get after.”

He is always completely oriented toward the big picture.

In the fall, he contributed to the boys’ golf team’s third-place finish at the Division I championships.

This spring, he anchored the defensive core of the Blackbirds’ lacrosse team with his gritty and aggressive style of play. He helped Keene win its second consecutive first-round playoff game at Alumni Field, an 8-6 thriller over Kingswood in the Division II tournament. Prior to last season, it had been six years since Keene made it to the playoffs.

The experiences have piled up. But they were never a distraction from his efforts in the classroom.

Balancing three sports, there were often nights where Greenwood was up into the early hours of the morning finishing an assignment.

“There were times where I had a huge game on a school night and a project due the next day,” Greenwood said. “I would have to decide what to put more effort into. But it was all worth it in the end ... being a student-athlete all the time made me use my time even better.”

In the classroom, Greenwood has demonstrated aptitude for math.

“It just comes easiest to me,” he said. “I love solving a problem and getting a single answer at the end. Nothing else to it.”

He also participated in Interact Club, a Rotary-sponsored service that gives high school students an opportunity to participate in fun and meaningful service projects.

Keene High awarded him as this year’s Male Scholar Athlete.

He plans to attend the University of Denver for engineering in the fall.

“I can’t believe it’s over, but I can’t believe how fast it went by,” Greenwood said. “But high school was great for me. I learned so many things and made so many new friends along the way. But it’s time to move on from Keene and meet more people. I thank Keene High for giving me a great experience, but I can’t wait for what the rest of the world has to offer.”