Voting 2019



George Hansel (winner): 2,587 votes

Mitch Greenwald: 2,313 votes

Keene City Council Ward Councilors

Ward 1:

Raleigh Ormerod (winner): 224 votes

Robert S. Crowell: 140 votes

Ward 2:

Bobby Williams (winner): 453 votes

Teresa "Terri" O'Rorke: 427 votes

Ward 3:

Mike Giacomo (winner): 485 votes

David Richards: 399 votes

Ward 4 (4-year term):

Gladys Johnsen (winner): 682 votes

Robert J. Call: 262 votes

Ward 4 (2-year term):

Catherine "Catt" Workman (winner): 528 votes

Robert J. O'Connor: 437 votes

Ward 5:

Thomas Powers (winner, unopposed): 961 votes

Keene City Council, At-large:

Kate Bosley (winner): 2,695 votes

Bettina Chadbourne (winner): 2,339 votes

Randy L. Filiault (winner): 2,134 votes

Mike Remy (winner): 2,039 votes

Steve Hooper (winner): 1,945 votes

Peter Starkey: 1,778 votes

Nathaniel M. Stout: 1,621 votes

John Therriault: 971 votes

Allen Raymond: 916 votes

Todd A. Rogers: 675 votes


Yes: 1,743

No: 2,153 (voters say no)


Total across the city: 26 percent

Ward 1: 12 percent

Ward 2: 27 percent

Ward 3: 32 percent

Ward 4: 31 percent

Ward 5: 28 percent

"Now the campaigning is over, it's to the side, and we can focus on moving forward together," George Hansel said tonight. Unofficial results in the Keene mayor's race show Hansel with 2,586 votes, and Mitch Greenwald with 2,312 votes.

Hansel, as the mayor-elect, said he plans to talk to all of the city councilors, including the six residents elected to the council for the first time tonight, to start building relationships.

Mitch Greenwald spoke with The Sentinel tonight:

“I really gave it my all, and I don’t really view it as something personal,” Greenwald said.

"... I can’t say enough about my family and how they’ve come together and supported me, and what I put them through in terms of the stress of the campaign, and all of the people that worked on my behalf."

He praised George Hansel, and said “the whole city wins.”

Greenwald won't be leaving city government; he is a city councilor in Ward 2, with two years still to serve.

Once again, unofficial results in the Keene mayor's race show George Hansel with 2,586 votes, and Mitch Greenwald with 2,312 votes.

Update 8 p.m.: Keno was voted down, according to unofficial results, with 2,151 "no" votes and 1,743 "yes" votes. This was a smaller margin than in 2017, when it was voted down 1,450 to 817.

Update 7:45: Unofficial results from the City Council at-large race:

The top five vote-getters were incumbents Kate Bosley, Bettina Chadbourne and Randy Filiault, newcomer Mike Remy, and Steve Hooper, who didn't run for re-election in Ward 1, instead running as an at-large candidate.

Update 7:33: In Ward 4, there were two city councilor races.

For the two-year term, Catherine "Catt" Workman received 528 votes to Robert J. O'Connor's 437. O'Connor was appointed by the City Council to serve until December. Workman will finish the final two years of Maggie Rice's term. Rice resigned this summer after moving out of her ward.

For the four-year term, Gladys Johnsen received 682 votes to Robert J. Call's 262.

Update 7:30: Mike Giacomo has unseated incumbent city councilor David Richards in Ward 3, according to unofficial results. Those results have Giacomo with 485 votes and Richards with 399 votes. Giacomo was a write-in during the September primary. This is for a four-year term.

Update 7:25: This is UNOFFICIAL: 

George Hansel, 2,586, Mitch Greenwald 2,312 in the mayor's race.

Update, 7:12: Some unofficial ward results:

In Ward 1, Raleigh Ormerod received 224 votes to Robert S. Crowell's 140 votes.

In Ward 2, Robert "Bobby" Williams received 453 votes, and Teresa "Terri" O'Rorke received 427.

In Ward 5, incumbent Thomas Powers was running unopposed.