Update Wednesday morning, 10/9.

The city clerk's office has verified the votes from Tuesday, and the number of ballots cast in Ward 2 was incorrectly tallied in the original results; the correct number is 514 cast, instead of 214. That has only affected the turnout number in Ward 2, and the overall turnout. The turnout in Ward 2 is now 13 percent. The overall turnout is 12 percent. All other numbers have stayed the same and are correct.


The city clerk's office is verifying all votes in all wards this morning after a discrepancy in the number of ballots cast. We'll update the numbers once the clerk's office has verified them.


Overall turnout was ... 11 percent. Just 5 percent of registered voters turned out in Ward 1, 6 percent in Ward 2, 15 percent in Wards 3 and 4, and 12 percent in Ward 5.


In the Keene councilor at-large race, 10 candidates are advancing to November's general election, where five of them will claim the two-year seats. 

Those moving on are incumbent Kate Bosley (who was appointed this summer to fill out Bart Sapeta's term), the top vote-getter with 1,158 votes, incumbent Bettina Chadbourne, with 1,137, incumbent Randy Filiault, with 1,019, Steve Hooper (952 votes), who is running for an at-large seat instead of for re-election to his Ward 1 seat, Michael Remy, with 817 votes, Peter Starkey, with 798 votes, former councilor Nathaniel Stout, with 685 votes, John Therriault, with 521 votes, Allen Raymond, with 394 votes, and Todd Rogers with 267 votes, according to official results. (Bosley, Chadbourne, Filiault and Hooper's totals have been raised by a vote from the unofficial to the official results.)

Out of the running were Ian Freeman (178 votes), Anthony Boame (170 votes) and Matt Roach (122 votes).


The two candidates who will vie to become Keene's mayor in November are Mitchell Greenwald and George Hansel. The candidate Nobody finished out of the running.

And if the primary is a barometer of how voters are feeling -- the race between Greenwald and Hansel is almost dead even. Greenwald received 1,113 to Hansel's 1,111 (this has been updated to reflect official results). Nobody finished with 47 votes.


The following are official results from Tuesday's Keene primary:

In the contested Ward 2 councilor seat, Terri O'Rorke (195 votes) and Bobby Williams (145 votes) were the top two vote-getters and will move on to November's election. Not advancing are Erik Willis (44 votes) and Aria DiMezzo (23 votes). The winner will be a newcomer to the council, as Carl Jacobs did not run for re-election.

In the contested Ward 4 seat, Robert J. O'Connor (238 votes) and Catt Workman (191 votes) will be moving on to face off in the general election. Conan Salada (43 votes) did not advance.

O'Connor was appointed this summer to serve until Dec. 31 in the Ward 4 seat. The winner of November's election will serve for two years, the rest of the term in the seat held by Maggie Rice, who stepped down in June.