Name: Jennie R. Gomarlo

Age: 58

Town: Swanzey

Party affiliation: Democratic

How long have you lived in New Hampshire: Most of my life.

Family: Husband, Michael; children, Stash and Soph.

Education: I have a BS from Keene State College in Industrial Chemistry.

Occupation: My husband and I own Gomarlo’s Inc. I do the bookkeeping for the business (gas station and property only – grocery business was sold); assistant librarian at Stratton Free Library in West Swanzey until end of month; town treasurer for Swanzey starting this month; and deputy treasurer for the Monadnock School District.

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Swanzey Democratic Committee; NOW

Public/government service: MRSD budget committee; trustee of the Stratton Free Library

1. Why are you seeking this elected office, and what are the three most-important issues you are focused on addressing if elected?

I am seeking this office because the issues are important to me and there are too few others able to accept the responsibility for $100 a year plus travel to Concord several times a week for six months. I am currently flexible enough to do so and wish to fix some problems that have happened over the past years such as this voting law recently passed and the reduction in the business profits tax which continues to give large out-of-state businesses a big break. I would like to stop pushing state responsibilities onto towns. I would like to enable my own cooperative school district to stop fighting about the property tax.

The most important issues to me are income inequality, food insecurity, and healthcare. Providing a living wage would go a long way help solve these and other problems. Let’s infuse our economy with hard earned dollars.

2. Everyone wants cheaper energy, but not big projects near them. What would it take for you to support a pipeline for oil or gas, a nuclear plant or other major energy project?

I disagree with the 2018 NH 10-year Energy Strategy Plan which states that we need more “natural” (fracked) gas.

The state has a goal of 25% from renewables by 2025. Let’s focus there. Let’s not encourage more fracking. Let’s not release more methane, one of the worst greenhouse gases, into our struggling atmosphere.

I appreciate the fact that Seabrook gives NH 57% of its electricity, but we should not go down that dead-end road again elsewhere in the state.

I know that eventually we must find a way to create electricity without hydrocarbons. I am not willing to leave this problem for my children to solve. So, my answer to what would it take to get my support for a major energy project? It would take a major renewable energy project rather than a hydrocarbon project.