Name: Donovan W Fenton

Age: 29.

Town: Keene.

Party affiliation: Democrat.

How long have you lived in New Hampshire: My whole life. I only left to attend school.

Family: Wife and son on the way (due December).

Education: BA in Social Science from Towson University.

MA from George Washington University in Political Management.

Current student at the National Automobile Dealers Association Academy.

Occupation: Marketing Manager, Subaru of Keene.

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Board Member of The Community Kitchen. Previous committee member of Monadnock Center for Violence Preventions — walk a mile in her shoes. Volunteer at hundred nights.

Public/government service: I sit on the Canadian trade council for New Hampshire.

1. Why are you seeking this elected office, and what are the three most-important issues you are focused on addressing if elected?

Now, more than ever we need to, in creative ways, address issues facing our state. We have to work with our colleagues across the aisle to find common-sense solutions that are rooted in reality and fiscally viable. I explained in 2016 that I wanted to be part of a generation that brings back integrity and honor to a political career. This country is even more disillusioned with our government’s performance; and distrust and disrespect for our legislators and political parties is at an all-time high. I hope I made a small difference in that respect; and I want to continue to work hard to change that dynamic. Public office allows me the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, locally and statewide. Three issues I will focus on: jobs/economy/small business issues (all inter-related); mental health access/funding; energy/environment.

2. Everyone wants cheaper energy, but not big projects near them. What would it take for you to support a pipeline for oil or gas, a nuclear plant or other major energy project?

I firmly believe, as a state and as a country, we need to turn the page on the energy sources of the past. Fossil fuels have devasted our ecosystems, made us dependent on other countries, and stifled innovation. For those reasons, I would first start with alternatives to oil or gas. We need to start weaning ourselves off of finite resources. I believe these are our last options if renewable sources cannot be used. Natural gas wouldn’t lower our region’s costs and would only ruin the land/home values in the towns it runs through. I support renewable energy in all forms (wind, solar, etc.), which have already proven to be good for job-creation, the environment and energy independence. As part of a family-owned, small business, I also think it’s important to support legislation that provides tangible incentives for businesses to invest in affordable, clean energy.