Name: Daniel R Pickering

Age: 68

Town: Hancock, NH

Party affiliation: Democrat

How long have you lived in New Hampshire: 14 years

Family: Sandra, my wife. Matt & Kate, my children. Maddie, Evan, Anya & Marina, my grandchildren

Education: Bachelor’s degree from Hope College & master’s degree in educational leadership from Western Michigan University

Occupation: Retired from 31 years of teaching & administration in Michigan

Organizations to which you belong/have belonged: Harris Center, Hancock Town Democratic Committee

Public/government service: In addition to teaching and coaching, my most public accomplishment in Michigan was to lead a community-wide campaign to install a local fiber optic network that served the data needs of a school system with over 5500 students. Our plan won a National School Board Association award for excellence.

1. Why are you seeking this elected office, and what are the three most-important issues you are focused on addressing if elected?

I seek this office to help change the focus of our state government from the past to the future. First and foremost, I will seek solutions to problems that are based on verifiable facts, will benefit the majority of our citizens, and not reward partisanship. Secondly, I will fight for policies that provide opportunity and safety for our kids and grandkids. The future prosperity of our state will depend on it. Thirdly, I believe our taxpayers deserve to get value and fairness for their hard-earned dollars. Those values must include support for real jobs with a living wage and affordable, accessible health care.

2. Everyone wants cheaper energy, but not big projects near them. What would it take for you to support a pipeline for oil or gas, a nuclear plant or other major energy project?

I will NOT support a pipeline or nuclear power plant. If we seriously dedicated our state resources to innovative sources of renewable energy, like solar, our state would flourish economically and preserve our beautiful natural heritage. Affordable and sustainable solutions are appearing in countries around the world. Ignoring the future with solutions from the past will simply leave us behind.