Odd duck

Todd Tousley spotted this Muscovy duck sitting calmly on the shore of Wilson Pond in Swanzey recently. Rene Bosworth of North Swanzey says this is her pet duck, Bubbe, who spends his summers outside and winters inside with the family. The strange, warty-faced Muscovy Duck causes confusion for some bird watchers, according to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It’s commonly seen, but doesn’t appear in some field guides. Truly wild individuals are restricted to south Texas and across the coast of South America, but domesticated versions can be seen in parks and farms across much of North America. Wild Muscovy ducks are dark-plumaged, wary birds of forested areas. Domestic varieties, which are heavier and less agile birds with variable plumage, live on farms and in parks in warm climates around the world, according to the Cornell Lab.

This caption has been updated to include that the duck is a family pet.