Having resources for individuals and families in their own communities makes it easier for individuals and parents to support themselves, their children, and their communities. Family Resource Centers support family stability and improve child health and well-being.

Family Resource Centers are always a need. In New Hampshire right now, we are suffering from multiple crises that impact the well-being of children, like substance misuse, mental health, and child protection. Our state is working hard to make profound changes to these systems, but without sufficient funding for Family Resource Centers, this work will be severely weakened.

At The River Center, we provide community connections, family support, and financial coaching to individuals and families in the Eastern Monadnock Region. Our parenting education and support as well as home visiting for pre- and post-natal women and their young families is effective and benefits parents, grandparents, and children.

We do not receive state funding to do our work at The River Center, but many Family Resource Centers do. They are a vital need to support Granite State families. Without sufficient funding for contracts in the state budget, families will go without desperately-needed services and communities will suffer.

Our Senators should continue to recognize and support these vital community resources with the funding needed to meet the needs of Granite State children and families.

Margaret Nelson is the Executive Director of The River Center Family and Community Resource Center in Peterborough and the President of the Board of Family Support NH.


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