On Saturday, Nov. 16, over 20 volunteers from Bensonwood donated their labor to raise a timber-frame pavilion at the site of the Historical Society of Cheshire County’s new facility, the Bruder House on Main Street in Keene. I would like to express my deep appreciation for this wonderful act of community spirit.

The pavilion will provide a space for people to gather, outside but sheltered from the elements, to learn about the region’s heritage and be surrounded by its history. There will be demonstrations of hearth cooking in the pavilion’s brick chimney. There will be activities in conjunction with visits by school groups, summer camps, and special events such as 18th Century Village Days and the Wyman Tavern Brew Fest.

The Historical Society is honored to have had the support of the following volunteers from Bensonwood: Tedd Benson, Christine Benson, Dennis Marcom, Jay Lepple, Drew Dodson, Sarah Kossayda, Ingrid Knittle, Rebecca Ainsworth, Alison Keay, Candace Kao, Sandra MacLean, Randall Walter, Philip Henry, Emil Cashin, Taylor Buchhalter, Tim Hatton, Michael Fazio, Javier Garcia, Bob Oberlander, Hans Porschitz, and Jeff “Shep” Shepherd. We also appreciate the volunteer services of Barney Sherwin Trucking Service of Walpole. And the project would not have been possible without the professional services of David Drasba, Jeff Ingram, Rob Therrien, Thomas Cutler, Andrew Felegara, Peter Sotiropoulos, and Scott MacLean.

It was fascinating to learn about how Bensonwood brings state-of-the-art technology to a traditional New England craft, timber frame construction, and it was a privilege to work with the members of a winning team.



Executive Director, Historical Society of Cheshire County