The Chesterfield Historical Society (CHS) recently benefitted from the Spofford Lake first annual Ice Out Lottery sponsored by the Spofford Lake Association (SLA). As Bayard Tracy, SLA President, said, “This was a contest to have some fun and to keep the Lake Association and the Historical Society in the top of the mind when everything else was closed up for the winter and for pandemic reasons.” It was a popular event promoted by both the SLA and CHS, and the historical society wishes to thank the SLA for naming CHS as their “other 501c3” recipient of funds.

The event was a 50/50 lottery, and 177 tickets were sold through the SLA website. The final day to buy a ticket was Feb. 15, just in time to purchase someone special a unique Valentine’s Day present. Four people picked the winning ice-out date of March 29, so as the rules dictated, a single winner was then selected by a random drawing by the Ice Out Committee. That single winner was awarded 50 percent of the profits, and the three others who chose the correct date each received SLA-2021 Ice Out Winner sweatshirts.

As you already know, the SLA divided their 50 percent of the winnings with CHS. The donation from the SLA to CHS ($400) will be used as matching funds for Phase II of the Stone House Tavern Museum construction! After all, the Stone House Tavern Museum when it opens will house an extensive collection of Spofford Lake memorabilia in its Lake Room.

Many thanks as well to Larry Robbins who orchestrated this lottery event and has everything organized for an easy repeat next year for the second annual Spofford Lake Ice Out Lottery!