During the last week of July, something amazing happened at Keene State College’s “Kids On Campus” program when a group of middle school girls were able to see what it would be like to imagine themselves as future engineers and scientists. Exceptionally gifted instructors wrote challenging, yet fun, STEM and STEAM curriculum and designed activities which left a remarkable impression on these young local students. At the end of the week, the girls came away with the understanding that it’s okay not to have all the answers: to tinker and try new things, to fail and try again and to collaborate and practice in a real world, real work setting. These young women left feeling more confident in knowing that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. This all happened because they spent a week in the “GoSTEM” program, a partnership between KSC, local industry, civic organizations and a staff of educators who believe that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the new frontiers for young women.

This year the girls explored “Optics”. This topic was chosen for a very specific reason. Our local community is home to many manufacturers which use optic technology. Keene State College is now in the process of developing an Optic pathway to align with their workforce needs. Our GoSTEM graduates may follow in this pathway after learning about Optic Technology.

Thank you to Moore Nanotechnology in Swanzey for hosting a field trip and lunch to see their amazing Optic company. The girls learned how optics is applied in real world applications.

Thank you to Adventure Limousine for suppling the transportation.

For the fourth year, The Mountain Corp. donated original GoSTEM T-shirts. The girls loved them!

So many individuals gave their time to share their expertise with our GoSTEM participants.

Thank you to the following individuals:

Lesley Schafer, Martha Alvarez-Taylor and Sandra MacLean from C&S Grocers.

Dr. Aug, OD, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Officer Leslie Ainsworth, Keene Police Dept.

Corinne Park, GZA Geo Environmental Inc

Megan Estrada, Corning

Sarah Lock far and Erin Hartgraves, Omega Optical, Inc.

So many business, civic organizations, foundations and individuals financially supported GoSTEM.

The week would not have occurred without your help.

Corning, C&S Grocers, Bank of Walpole, Hypertherm, AAUW, Moore Nanotechnology System, New Hampshire Ball Bearing, Stingray Optics, ABTech, Filtrine, Douglas Toy, Chroma Technology Corp. Mascoma Bank, Hitcher Manufacturing Co., Janos Technology Inc., Omega Optical, Inc. Cheryl and Jay Kahn, and Riki and Mitch Greenwald, Dr. Melinda Treadwell, President, Keene State College, met with the girls and expressed her support. Thank you, Dr. Treadwell and Keene State College.

Lastly, thank you to our young ladies who attended. You were amazing! Your future is limitless ... aim high and make a difference.

Thank you,


Project Manager, “GoSTEM”

5 Benton Road