A Main Street café has received a designation as an environmentally friendly eatery by a national nonprofit group.

The Green Restaurant Association recently named The Works Café in Keene a 3 Star Certified Green Restaurant, according to a news release from the organization. The association established the certification to provide a standardized measure of restaurants’ environmentally friendly accomplishments.

The release notes that The Works implemented 53 environmental measures to score 208.51 points on the association’s certification scale. Among the steps the café was credited for are:

composting waste

serving food and drinks on and in reusable dishes, cups and utensils

using LEDs for almost 80 percent of its light bulbs

offering a menu that is more than one-third vegetarian

buying Certified Organic for 93 percent and 54 percent of egg and dairy purchases, respectively

maintaining a Styrofoam-free facility

“We chose to partner with GRA because they have the toughest standards out there,” Richard French, president of The Works Café, said in the release. “I’m really pleased that our years of social and environmental commitments are being recognized. Kudos to our staff customers and the community as a whole.”