The Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship was awarded InBIA’s January IMPACT Award in the rural category.

InBIA, a global nonprofit network supporting entrepreneurial organizations, gives out the awards each month to organizations in six categories.

In citing the Keene entrepreneurship center for the award, InBIA wrote, “Hannah Grimes has a stellar reputation in the region and the state for being innovative and offering relevant, high-quality programs,” noting that 91 percent of the 97 businesses that the center’s incubator program has served are still in business, as are 88 percent of the more than 150 that have gone through the Startup Lab program.

By winning a monthly IMPACT Award, Hannah Grimes will be eligible for InBIA’s three incubator of the year awards. Each year, InBIA awards one Randall M. Whaley Incubator of the Year Award and two Dinah Adkins Incubator of the Year Awards, one each for technology and non-technology programs.