Yvette Savard


Yvette Savard receives Westmoreland’s Boston Post Cane on Nov. 9 at her home.

A 96-year-old resident is the newest recipient of Westmoreland’s Boston Post Cane.

Yvette E. Savard was presented with the cane Thursday as the town’s oldest resident by the Westmoreland Board of Selectmen and the town’s historical society.

Savard was born in Winchendon, Mass., and worked at MPB in Keene for 40 years. She and her husband, Winfred Sr., built a home in Westmoreland in 1963, raised four children and were married for 73 years. Winfred Sr., who passed away in 2013 at age 97, was also a recipient of the cane.

In 1909, the publisher of the Boston Post, Edwin Grozier, presented canes to 700 towns in New England, which have been passed along over the years to a town’s oldest resident.

The last known person in Westmoreland to have the original cane was Orrin Harvey, but what happened to it after he passed away in 1970 is unclear. One story passed down says Harvey used the cane often and it was set to be repaired after his death, but nothing more is known about that. A replica was bought in 2008, but the town is still looking for help in finding the history of the original cane. Anyone with information is asked to call the town office at 399-4471.