The following 11 births were among those listed at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene from March 16-April 5:

March 16, a girl, Sorynn Mae Parrot, born to Sara Mackenzie and Jarred Parrot of Marlborough.

March 19, a girl, Melody Grace McElaney, born to Mikala Boobar and Caleb McElaney of Keene.

March 21, twin girls, Maggie Marie Towne and Ruby Ann Towne, born to Hannah Clark and John Towne of Swanzey.

March 23, a girl, Cecilia Avery-Faith Skinner, born to Stacey Turgeon and Brent Skinner of Keene.

March 29, a boy, Grayson Scott Beam, born to Elizabeth Wilson and Aaron Beam of Alstead.

March 30, a boy, Lee Swenson Capone, born to Paige Lindell and Blaine Capone of Rindge.

April 1, a boy, Odin Wilder Gomarlo, born to Jordan Buffum and Joel “Willy” Gomarlo of Chesterfield.

April 2, a girl, Gwenyth Pamela Kolodziej, born to Stephanie and Michael Kolodziej of Keene.

April 3, a girl, Hazel Therese Dupont, born to Amanda Page and Seth DuPont of Richmond.

April 5, a girl, Willow Margeret Marie French, born to Jessica Boyd and Weston French of Rindge.

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