The following nine local births were among those listed at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene from June 25 to July 24.

June 25, a girl, Lyra Aurora, to Rebecca (White) and Jared La Querre of Nelson.

July 9, a boy, William Henry, to Katy (O’Brien) and Spencer Thompson of Hancock.

July 10, a boy, Rowan William, to Amanda (Laird) and Daniel Raney of Walpole.

July 11, a girl, Piper Evelyn, to Adele (Grace) and James Philips of Marlborough.

July 13, a boy, Elijah Philip, to Vanessa (Phelps) and Benjamin Berman of Walpole.

July 14, a boy, Finnley Michael, to Sara Jardine and Matthew Aldrich of Spofford.

July 16, a boy, Henry Harrison, to Bonnie (Birge) and Peter Bergeron of Westmoreland.

July 21, a boy, Elijah James, to Jacqueline Gobin and Seth Seymour of Fitzwilliam.

July 24, a boy, Elias Edward, to Stephanie Campbell and Tristan Hopkins of Keene.