The following 13 local births were among those listed at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene from April 6-27.

April 6, a girl, Audrey Martin Kmiec, born to Laura and Randall Kmiec of Alstead.

April 8, a girl, Luna Rose Lockwood, born to Amanda and Christopher Lockwood of Keene.

April 9, a girl, Rosemary Eden Martin, born to Tamika Hebert and Peter Martin of Keene.

April 10, a girl, Keira Anne Simeon, born to Samantha and Caleb Simeon of Brattleboro.

April 11, a girl, Harper Ann Prescott, born to Kaitlyn and Benjamin Prescott of Swanzey.

April 12, a girl, Laynee Amity Amore Hescook, born to Breanna Holmes and Rydder Hescook of Winchester.

April 13, a girl, Amelia Jo Jennings, born to Kaitlyn and Bryan Jennings of Spofford.

April 13, a girl, Hailey Elizabeth Jean Murrin, born to Texicana Valentine and Sean Murrin of Keene.

April 19, a girl, Oaklynn Rose Pratt, born to Christina and Devon Pratt of Keene.

April 20, a boy, Samuel Roger Dunnell, born to Kristin and Jason Dunnell of Keene.

April 20, a boy, Bennett Dean Brown, born to Chelsea and Devin Brown of Langdon.

April 26, a boy, Blaze Lucius Trudeau, born to Amanda Irvine and Brandon Trudeau of Jaffrey.

April 27, a boy, Elliott John Wood, born to Elizabeth and Matthew Wood of Keene.

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