The following 14 local births were among those listed at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene from April 1-23:

April 1, a boy, Aceyn Matthew Ferguson, born to Erin Nicole Huntley and Matthew Ferguson of Jaffrey.

April 5, a boy, Cole Robert Gagnon, born to Shannon (Poirier) Gagnon and Jacob Gagnon of Keene.

April 5, a boy, Bennett James Willard, born to Brittney White and Brian Willard of Hinsdale.

April 6, a girl, Faeble Loretta Hutchins, born to Sheena Blood and Jared Hutchins of Marlborough.

April 8, a girl, Aryia May Thibault, born to Marlana Thibault and Seth Hagland of Keene.

April 8, a girl, Hailey Lynne Henderson, born to Kimberly (Audet) Henderson and Nolan Henderson of Westmoreland.

April 10, a boy, Gatlin Hanovi Davis-Buckley, born to Kya Davis and Gene Buckley of Brattleboro.

April 12, a boy, Isaac Lee Lucich Robbins, born to Carmela Lucich Villarreal and Christopher Daniel Robbins of Westmoreland.

April 13, a boy, Dante Brian Tatro, born to Cassidy Lavalette and Michael Tatro of Unity.

April 13, a boy, Levi Mark Ciulla, born to Hayley (Mclnerney) Ciulla and Alex Ciulla, of Royalston, Mass.

April 13, a boy, Tyler Cayden Clarke, born to Veronica Artavia Clarke and Bryan Clarke of Keene.

April 14, a boy, Owen Wyatt Mialkowski, born to Brooke Covey and Jordan Mialkowski of Putney, Vt.

April 20, a girl, Tilly Aspen Marek, born to Solace Marek and Max Marek of Jaffrey.

April 23, a girl, Reagan Leigh Goulet, born to Ashton (Gatley) Goulet and Phil Goulet of Chesterfield.

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