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Anna Fay is a 2012 graduate of Keene High School and a 2016 graduate of Ithaca College, where she studied Creative Writing. Before she moved to Marlow at the age of 10, Anna lived overseas in the UK, Singapore and Slovakia. She has now returned to her childhood home of Bratislava, Slovakia, this time as a writer and editor for the Slovak Spectator. Her column Back to Bratislava will explore her transition to life back in Slovakia.

You can read more about her adventures abroad at

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As the forested park’s central vein opens up in front of me, void of people yet full of life, I gleefully pull down my sweaty face mask. The air has the slightest bite in Bratislava’s Horský P… Read more

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Back in late March, when the COVID pandemic first hit Bratislava, Slovak President Zuzana Čaputová took extra care to not only lead by example by wearing a mask at all public functions, but al… Read more

Since November 2017, I have been a long way from home. I live and work as a journalist in Bratislava, Slovakia, so I see some of my family members about twice a year, others only during Christ… Read more

I type like a mad woman as I try my best to keep up with the fast-talking Ecuadorian in my ear. I’ve gotten much better at transcribing interviews at work but I already know that after I finis… Read more

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