Running with Julie Orrok Emineth

    Julie Orrok Emineth, our 13 in 13 writer this year, lives in Keene with her husband, Troy. She came into running later in life and is a member of the Body & Soul Road Runners. She loves to travel with her husband, and they enjoy mini race-cations each fall, having just gotten back from a half marathon in Estonia, which she writes about this week. She is training for the DeMar Half Marathon this year. When they aren’t running you can find Troy and Julie hiking in the White Mountains or in far-flung spots searching for geocaches. Find her on Instagram at 10kstepsb4lunch.

    This week was taper week since my Estonia half marathon is on Sunday, Sept. 9. With Sara Alderfer’s help, I decided on six miles for the long run on Saturday. I had only run twice during the w… Read more

    This week was redemption for last week’s long run. With my honeymoon half marathon in Estonia only two weeks away, I’m tapering, reducing miles before the race. While a little long for a taper… Read more

    I wanted to bump my long run up from the prescribed eight miles to 10 since I’d missed the group 10-mile run a few weeks ago. Read more

    This week I did the drop-in speed work that Sara Alderfer leads at the Keene High School track. I’d always wanted to go, but never managed to make it. We finally decided to give it a try. Read more

    Pace.  That four-letter word that plagues me continuously. I worry about it, try to improve it, surprise myself when it’s faster than normal and check my watch every few minutes to see what it is.  Read more

    It seems a shame to use an article about running in the heat so early in the series, but with the temperatures we’re now experiencing, it’s hard to avoid. Read more