Happy Teenage Girl Opens Red Gift Box Sitting Under Christmas Tree At Midnight In Light Of Christmas

You have done most of your gift shopping and have checked the names off one by one. Now there’s only two names left on the list: your teenage grandchildren.

You would like to give a gift more personal than money this year, but you just don’t know what they like anymore. What happened to the years of Legos and Polly Pocket?

Buying holiday gifts for teens can be more confusing than their textspeak. If you’re struggling to find inspiration for a gift that won’t be quickly returned, try one of these jumping-off points. An awareness of your teen’s interests is the crucial key to a gift that comes from the heart.

Auto Correct

It may not be fancy, but if your teen has started driving, consider giving a gas card. The price of gas is through the roof right now and this type of gift will always be appreciated.

Are there other auto-related products they may need for wintertime driving? A gift subscription to AAA or an emergency roadside kit may also fit the bill for a new car owner. Or a remote car starter for those frigid mornings!

Exciting Experiences

Batter up! Tickets to attend a professional sports game might be an experience that is remembered for a lifetime. Maybe you could even go to a game together and share the moment.

Who is their favorite musician or band? Are they touring? Concert tickets are an incredibly memorable gift. Tickets to see comedians, Broadway plays, or other performers can also be an option, based on the teen’s interests.

Passionate Pursuits

Does your teen ski? How about a day pass to their favorite slope or lift tickets? Budding artist or musician? Treat them to a professional class or online tutorial series.

If they live and breathe for a certain pastime, use that as inspiration for a truly personal gift that will continue to spark their passions. From NASCAR to dance, yoga to 3D printing, a teen’s favorite hobby could always develop into a lifelong pursuit or even a career path.

Feed the Foodie

What is your teen’s favorite food? Do they live on tacos, iced lattes or chocolate? A gift card to their favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or candy store could be the perfect centerpiece to a themed gift basket full of their favorite food craving.

If they love bubble tea, a bubble tea kit can teach them how to make their own favorite beverage. A teen who loves to be in the kitchen may appreciate a unique kitchen gadget or appliance to up their culinary game. A monthly snack subscription box is also a gift that keeps on giving after the holiday has long passed.

Give Back Gift

Many teens these days are socially conscious and committed to charitable causes. Is your teen focused on protecting the environment, caring for the planet’s endangered wildlife, or supporting another humanitarian cause? Many such causes sell products online in order to fundraise, such as bracelets that support the cleanup of oceans. This type of gift will show that you truly listen and care about the social issues that matter most to your teen while also giving back to that cause – a win-win.

Sleepy Heads

We all know that teens love to sleep and studies have shown that getting ample sleep is necessary self-care for their age group. Help your teen get the extra z’s they require. Sleep-aiding gifts such as weighted blankets, light-blocking curtains, noise-cancelling headphones, or bedroom mood lighting can soothe a weary teen’s soul.

Does your teen hate the look of their “too baby” bedroom? Give the gift of a bedroom makeover, complete with paint job. LED strip lights come in all colors powered by remote control are quite popular bedroom accessories for teens or updated bedding could help them feel more mature.

Make an Appearance

Did you hear that flannel is back? Most teens care about their style, appearance, and fashion choices. Perhaps your teen would like an updated wardrobe or haircut. Rather than trying to change the way they dress, respect their individuality by giving a gift card to their favorite clothing store or hair salon, along with a gift basket of their favorite health and beauty products.

Has this list sparked any ideas? Take some time to reflect on your teen’s burgeoning values and interests before shopping. Give a gift that will show how much you truly see and appreciate the young adult they have grown up to be.

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