As a student at Keene State College in the early '80s, Mindy Cambiar was something of a campus activist, involved in various groups.

You might say Shay Croteau’s career destiny was forged decades ago at Keene Middle School, in the resource room, through simple acts of kindness. “People with disabilities were there. Sometimes they needed help. I’ve always been a person who kind of likes to help people, so that’s what I wou…

In 2009, Kimberley Diemond was hit with devastating news: Your mother has terminal cancer.

There was a problem with the playhouse Anjalee Dreher had as a girl: It lacked an electrical hookup, meaning she couldn’t curl her hair.

Professionally, banking is the only job Dawn Martin has ever had.

During her several trips to Haiti to provide medical services between 2006 and 2014, Sue Maydwell and her team had limited supplies and dealt with diseases that in America, felt like things of the distant past. Their only exam surface was a card table.

From behind her desk in the basement of the former county courthouse in Keene, Katrina Nugent recalled a group of middle schoolers she worked with in a series of classes on violence prevention.

Phyllis Phelps was pregnant and addicted to drugs by age 18. She had survived an abusive and traumatic childhood and her future seemed bleak with no light at the end of the tunnel. When her days were the darkest, she found a new strength to persevere through her relationship with Jesus Christ.

For Denise Thomas, day-to-day life as a Monadnock Region Realtor is about more than juggling a hectic business schedule of appraisals, negotiations and closings — it’s her way to honor a heartfelt commitment to forging long-lasting community relationships.

Four years into her career as a corporate accountant in Boston, Caragh Wilder made a pretty big change.