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Meet the 12 local women honored as difference-makers in the community at the Extraordinary Women gala Aug. 29, 2019. Video by Samantha Hayes and Cecily Weisburgh / Sentinel Staff. Additional p…

Some people are natural born leaders. They throw themselves into multiple endeavors — clubs, sports, choirs, bands, student government, mentoring, overseas humanitarian trips — characteristics they carry into adulthood, finding satisfaction doing for others in an endless stream of volunteerism.

The awards in Christine Greenwood-Smart’s office at the Savings Bank of Walpole paint an impressive but incomplete picture. From the Lions Club laurels and the N.H. Housing Homeownership Fellowship plaque to the statuettes from Dancing with the Keene Stars, they suggest a powerhouse with div…

Ceil Goff graduated from Boston College in 1961 at a time when women had few professional options. Goff didn’t want to be a teacher or a nurse, she wanted to be a stockbroker.

We’re taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to see when we look in the mirror. Tamara “Tammy” Woodard has made it her mission to help women see beyond their own body-shaming tendencies and to recognize their individual worth and beauty.

Always the new kid in school growing up, Sandra Neil Wallace became used to less than ideal welcomes, but one in particular would prove to be pivotal.