Frontline: Patrick Moynihan

Patrick Moynihan’s smile is simply contagious.

Born and raised right here in Keene, 38-year-old Moynihan graduated from KHS in 2001, and it’s safe to say that he has had quite the impact in his local community for a number of reasons.

For the last two decades, Moynihan has been a staple at the local Hannaford’s, greeting fellow shoppers and making what would normally be a boring trip to the grocery store much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Anyone who regularly visits the Keene Hannaford’s knows who Patrick is — his calming presence and transmissibly upbeat attitude will have any Grumpy Gus grinning from ear to ear by the end of their food shopping expedition.

“I love it there a lot!” Moynihan exclaimed, somehow managing to convey a smile through the phone. “It’s a good place to work because of the nice employees and customers. I get to meet a lot of people.”

When he’s not brightening his fellow Keene residents’ days at the grocery store, Moynihan can be found playing racket ball at the YMCA, riding his bike around town, or participating in the rather adventurous Penguin Plunge (something he did this year). Moynihan is also an avid track and basketball player, often participating in the local Special Olympics program. Moynihan even competed in Track and Field at the USA Games in Ames, Iowa back in 2006 — an experience in which he’s very proud of.

Moynihan can be spotted over at Keene Community College, where he takes cooking, pottery, and Spanish classes — all of which are his favorite. He loves traveling, and reminisced fondly on a Caribbean cruise he and his family ventured on back in 2019, where he visited islands and spent his days snorkeling in the crystal clear Caribbean waters. He and his family vacation in Wells, Maine during the summer, where he thoroughly enjoys the beach and family time with his mother, father, sister, brother-in-law and two nieces (all of which reside in Keene, too).

Moynihan is a huge Disney + fan, and loves to watch Star Wars, Pixar and Marvel movies. He watches Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, and has board games of each, which he loves to play with his family. Moynihan has big plans once the pandemic life fizzles out, and normal life can begin again. Self-proclaimed 100 percent Irish, his next trip is going to be to Dublin, Ireland, where he has family. He — like most of us — is extremely excited to get back to his pre-pandemic life of traveling, meeting new people, and trying new experiences.

Moynihan lives his life to the fullest each and every day, and it’s certainly something to admire about him. During these strange and chaotic times, it’s nice to find some sort of solace in the darkness: it’s people like Patrick Moynihan who help us take a step back and enjoy those simple pleasures of life we all often seem to forget about. Moynihan brings the best out in people, and that’s exactly what Hometown Heroes do for their community.

“I enjoy life,” Moynihan said. By doing so, he makes all of us enjoy, life, too.

Thank you, Patrick!

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