Easter Peeps

Spring is in the air and the Peeps are on the shelves!

Peeps seem to have taken on the trend of flavored foods and they are getting all kinds of creative. Instead of just the different brightly colored sugar-coated marshmallow chicks and bunnies, Peeps have created some new flavored marshmallow chicks. T

here seems to be two different styles: Flavored Peeps and Peeps Delights. The Peeps Delights seem a little fancier – dipped in chocolate or fudge – and come in cute little packages of three. Perfect for an Easter basket or just a little sugar craving.

The other flavored Peeps come in larger packs, which I have always found to be somewhat annoying. Eating 10-15 Peeps in one sitting is not an easy task and their packaging is not resealable, so you’re left with either stale peeps or the chore of finding a storage solution.

But I sucked up the inconvenience and went on the hunt for both kinds anyway. Mostly because my children insisted on trying all the different flavors, especially sour watermelon. We ended up finding six different flavors, three of the Peeps Delights and three of Flavored Peeps.

Peeps Delights

Chocolate Dipped: These are just your ole’ run-of-the-mill yellow Peeps but dipped in chocolate. The chocolate tastes good. It doesn’t have a fake waxy taste. It tastes like a quality milk chocolate. But the marshmallow was a little tough. Almost stale-like.

These were the first ones I tried, and I was worried all the others might taste stale, too, but thankfully I didn’t have any more issues, so that could have just been that one package. The chocolate-to-marshmallow ratio was good, and I was into these.

Chocolate Caramel Swirl: These were awesome. With just three in the pack I was definitely wishing I didn’t have to share these with my children. There was an actual swirl of caramel inside.

I don’t know why I hadn’t expected that, I assumed it was just caramel/chocolate flavored. But, nope. There was a real caramel swirl in there. I was pleasantly surprised.

Vanilla Crème: These were vanilla flavored, and the bottoms were dipped in “vanilla crème flavored fudge.” They were good. Nothing to write home about. They tasted and looked a lot like the party cake Peeps we also got but dipped in white fudge.

Flavored Peeps

Sour Watermelon: OK, these are gross — but my children loved them. If you are into sour candies or watermelon-flavored things, they’d probably be right up your alley.

There was something a little off-putting about a marshmallow consistency mixed with that strong artificial watermelon taste and I just wasn’t feeling it. But they look cool, green sugar on the outside and pink marshmallow on the inside.

Cotton Candy: These weren’t bad. There wasn’t a terribly strong cotton candy flavor there though. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

They mostly tasted like regular plain Peeps. The only real difference was they were pink with blue speckles on them.

Party Cake: This one is pretty much your average vanilla cake flavor. They are pretty with their sparkly colored sprinkles all over them. And like I said, I think they are the same as the Vanilla Crème ones, just missing the “crème.”

I found all six of these flavors at Target, but the fun doesn’t stop here. These were just some of the flavors available. It looks as though some flavors are exclusive to specific stores.

If you’re willing to go on a Peeps taste-testing adventure, you can go on a hunt and find even more new flavors such as root beer, pancakes and syrup (I’m dying to try these), fruit punch, orange sherbet, strawberry delights, coconut delights and even blue raspberry.