A Basic Man's Food Adventure: Food TV

I learned how to cook in the kitchen from watching cooking shows. PBS had Julia Childs, Jacques Pépin, Martin Yan, Lidia Bastianich and Nick Stellino. The Food Network had Tyler Florence, Alton Brown, Paula Deen, Emeril Lagasse, Bobby Flay and Aarón Sánchez.

Cooking shows are a great source of information. The chefs show their techniques and finesse for creating similar dishes. I practiced techniques until I found or modified ones that worked for me. I then used the techniques to create dishes I had seen, or developed my own dishes.

Some of my favorite shows are Worst Cooks in America, Cut Throat Kitchen, Chopped, The Great Food Truck Race and The Great British Bake Off. My daughter likes to watch Chopped with me. So, one day she came home with a basket of ingredients for me to make something out of them. The basket contained marshmallow Peeps, cherry preserves, chocolate chip brownie bites and sparkling peach juice. I ended up making a marshmallow-filled chocolate crêpe topped with cherry sauce. I couldn’t think of how to use the sparking peach juice so I just poured some in a shot glass.

To make the crêpe, I put the brownie bites in a food processor to make it into flour, which was then made into the crêpe batter. I melted the Peeps with some butter to make the filling. I warmed up the cherry preserves with a shot of bourbon for the sauce.

If you enjoy cooking shows, try replicating the dishes you’ve seen or creating your own dishes.

Check back for more adventures. Until then be safe, be well and enjoy life.

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