Tastes of the Far East:Asian Peanut Pancakes

A pancake by any other name is, well, still a pancake. That is, unless it’s a pancake from Asia. Pancakes in the Far East are eaten for breakfast, snacks or any time of day, and often sold by street food vendors. Annie Lee, who owns Lee & Mt. Fuji in Marlborough alongside her husband James, told me about this popular sweet peanut pancake from her home country of Malaysia. She’s sharing the recipe, as it’s easy to make and can be something fun to do with the kids, especially for parents of school-aged children currently at home.

Depending on the country, it has many different names but still tastes just as good! Apam Balik, its Malaysian name, is customarily stuffed with a sugary, buttery peanut filling. It gets its name from the way the pancake is folded or “turned over.” There are generally two versions of this pancake – the thick and the thin. The thin is crispy while the thick is fluffy and moist. Both are equally delicious!

Below is a basic Asian pancake recipe with the traditional filling of roasted peanuts and sugar. Adding sweet creamed corn is also customary. There are other delicious filling options you can add to the peanuts or substitute, such as dark chocolate chips, brown sugar, bananas and even Nutella