Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vt. — owned and operated by non-profit Woodstock Foundation Inc. — brings visitors into a world of educational opportunities as well as a whole lot of fun. Whether it’s visiting the animals or the expansive gardens, enjoying the property’s surrounding scenery or experiencing some fun programs, summer in the region just got more exciting.

With social distancing and related guidelines in place, jump into a tractor-pulled wagon on Aug. 1 during Tractor Days. On Aug. 2, see antique tractors in action while celebrating the 20th annual Antique Tractor Day. A tractor competition — the Slow Race — will drive through later that day. Learn more about tractors, too, as the celebration continues on Aug. 3.

Regular weekly programs give people with all interests some fun things to do without leaving home.

Time Travel Tuesdays: Go back in time online to learn about the history of the farm as well as daily life there.

Thursday Threads: A weekly online crafting program that includes activities with and facts about wool and other fabric fibers supplements the 34th annual Quilt Exhibition (running through Aug. 23). The exhibition is available online and features in-depth conversations with the quilters about their processes and the art of quilting. It can be viewed on-site, too, at Billings Farm.

Foodie Fridays: An online program that teaches about and shares recipes that feature seasonal ingredients from Billings’ farm and gardens.

Farmer Education

Billings Backyard workshops give visitors not only a behind-the-scenes look at farming operations, but also some lessons to put in place at home.

An interactive, hands-on composting workshop — to be held July 25 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. — will teach the benefits of composting food scraps. They’re filled with nutrients that can benefit soil, assist in growing organic foods and help reduce greenhouse gases. Learn everything about the process, from harvesting the compost and managing it to using the compost post-harvest and avoiding issues with wildlife. This is important specifically for Vermont residents, as the state now prohibits food scraps in landfills.

Other workshops focus on gardening, beekeeping and canning and pickling foods. The workshops are being held outside, with Billings following social distancing guidelines; and face coverings are required.

To learn more about Billings Farm, its programs, events and workshops, call (802) 457-2355 or visit

The 34th annual Quilt Exhibition runs through Aug. 23. This quilt, made by Ruth Ann Glick of White River Junction, Vt., was featured at the 2019 exhibition.