Look around your home. How many clocks do you have?

Are they digital? Do they chime? Do they run on batteries? Do you wind them? Are they plugged in? Are they vintage or antique?

We have all grown up around clocks our whole lives and some of them have such soothing sounds and visual appeal that takes us back or draws us to collect them.

From my earliest memories at my grandparents’ house, I remember the large collection of antique clocks on the walls and on the mantles. My great-grandfather fixed clocks (horologist) and then handed them down to my grandmother.

On the half-hour and hour, they all would chime their beautiful and unique tones. How I wish I could sit in that living room one more time and hear them.

It’s now been six and a half years that my vintage shop has been open, and I have seen the coolest clocks you can imagine! I personally never saw a starburst clock in person until I opened my shop (that’s the truth), but now I am drawn to their beautiful look.

Who would have ever imagined a clock purchased with green stamps back in the day, could be so coveted now? The simple and colorful clocks from the late 1940s and early 1950s are just as popular because those also take us back to the kitchens of our parents’ or grandparents’ way back when.

As with anything, the values of clocks have a huge range and are made worldwide, from France to Germany to the U.S. and anywhere in between. It is, of course, important that you enjoy looking at whatever clock you bring home because that trusted piece will hopefully get you where you need to be on time!

Enjoy the photos!

Kari Lindstrom owns The Melamine Cup, Mid-Century Modern & More in Jaffrey. She is a past board member of The Jaffrey Chamber of Commerce and has a background in career counseling. For more information, visit themelaminecup.com.