Spring is on the horizon in the Monadnock region!

With the budding flowers and warmer weather comes the outpouring of fun-filled outdoor activities. Residents everywhere will be coming out of hibernation in no time, and farmers markets will be up and running all over the region. Monadnock’s craftiest will be promoting their best work and bringing their skills to the table with some of the most uniquely fashioned fruits, veggies, homemade treats and sweets.

Antrim residents Jim and Deb Waldinger will certainly be bringing their own exceptional trades to the scene come April – this will be the third year that their business, Calcite and Comfrey, will be participating in the farmers markets throughout the Monadnock region. Calcite and Comfrey sells exactly that – calcite, a stone, and comfrey, which is an herb. Between the two, the Waldingers have created a magical array of homemade, all-natural remedies and trinkets, handcrafted with the intent of healing physically and spiritually.

Between the wire pendant jewelry, herbal hand creams and tincture supplements, there’s not a lot Deb and Jim don’t have at their table.

“Deb has always been interested in stones and healing,” Jim said. “She’s always been very down to earth and preferred a natural way of healing and helping.”

While studying clinical psychology over at New England College in Henniker, Deb became very interested in selling handmade, organic remedies to help fight common ailments.

“As if she didn’t have enough on her plate!” Jim laughed. “With the little free time she had between school, she started up this little business on the side.”

Once Deb graduated, she began her full-time job working with clients as a mental health councilor. Her hopes are to eventually incorporate her two loves – helping and healing – and ultimately treat her clients with some of these all-natural home remedies.

A typical array of trinkets and treats that can be found on their table include herbal hand creams like their soothing salve, which is good for minor scrapes and bruises; herbal supplement tinctures that help with upset stomachs, digestion problems, inflammation and insomnia; elderberry to help boost immune systems for fighting the common cold; wire-wrapped pendants made with some of the most beautiful stones and crystals around; and an array of essential oils. The Waldingers don’t make the oils themselves, but they do blend them to produce a myriad of exceptionally sweet smelling and quite useful blends.

“We have a ‘sacred brew’ blend that includes frankincense, patchouli and cinnamon,” Jim said. “Another popular essential oil we carry is lavender. It’s extremely calming, and has been proven to be really good for anxiety.”

Jim and Deb carry plant remedies like eucalyptus and lemon grass, too, which help with deep breathing. They’ve also created a citronella oil, aptly named “Buzz Off,” which is good for keeping mosquitoes and flies away during the warmer months.

Although business is slower in the off season (with the exception of craft fairs here and there during the holidays), you can mostly find Deb and Jim at farmers markets all over the Monandock region throughout the summer, including in Keene, Peterborough and Rindge.

“We don’t have a home base just yet, but we would love to be able to have a small shop somewhere around here in the future,” Jim said. “For now, look for us at all the local farmers markets in the area come April.”

For more information about products and services, contact debshealinghands@gmail.com or (603) 769-9183.