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Body & Soul

For most of us, horseshoe pitching seems like just a quiet way to while away a lazy summer afternoon. There are others, though, who take it much more seriously, recognizing it as a sport that has roots stretching back over centuries.

Paul Youngquist has seen a number of patients dealing with the effects of Lyme disease come into his business, Wellness Works, to use the infrared sauna. Others coping with sleep issues, some from the negative effects of the blue light resulting from too much screen time, those with endocrin…

Thanks to a growing trend, bottoms up at your local yoga class may refer to more than just the body position for downward-facing dog. Nationwide, yoga classes held at craft breweries are helping people keep limber with a side of lager.

Intrepid Gardener

As a devoted, longtime gardener, I tend to lean more toward perennials than annuals as the main materials I work with in my Dublin gardens. I love the sheer variety of perennials on the market, the ability to divide and share favorite plants and the anticipation of what’s going to be blooming next.

A couple weeks ago, my partner and I were getting ready for bed. I’d been out working in the gardens for an hour or so after work and while I work in them, I spend a lot of time sitting right on my butt in the grass, dirt or gravel.

By Hand By Hobby

In 30-plus years of business, Retro Music in Keene has seen a number of trends. Some have come into style and then passed out again, but others, like matching a collector with a guitar to fit their passion or pairing a new player with their first guitar, never goes out of style.

The dog days of summer might be on the wane, but there’s a chance for one last hurrah as the Windham County Humane Society and Brattleboro Recreation and Parks Department will co-host the 2nd  annual Doggie Plunge Monday, Aug. 19, from 4 to 7 p.m., at the Living Memorial Park swimming pool i…

Dogs always seem to want to sniff or eat. The sport of nose work, also known as scent work, combines these interests: a dog and handler, working together as a team, compete against other teams in trials, attempting to locate a specific odor on a hide within a set period of time.


Sun and the sand are primary reasons for heading, lemming-like, to the seashore in summer. The Maine coast around Kennebunkport has some of the best beaches in the Northeast, with miles of fine sand and gentle surf, but it also offers a variety of things to do when the sun doesn’t shine.

Get ready to see trucks topple and smoke pour out from hardcore motor vehicles at the 2018 Northeast Off-Road Jamboree. This annual event, hosted by Northeast Performance Diesel, is coming to the Cheshire Fairground in Swanzey on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, and will feature a number …

Half a decade ago, the Keene Lions Club started a program called the “Junior Lions.” Since then, more than 500 Keene High School juniors have joined at least four luncheon meetings each and participated in the Club’s activities.

It Takes a Farm

When opening a beer from The Brewers at Nye Hill Farm in Roxbury there is so much more to the experience beyond that first sip.

Nest / Intrepid Gardener

Us gardeners feel like we’re getting the short end of the stick this spring with the seemingly endless rain and cool temperatures, but there’s another dilemma I’ve been asked about multiple times: What the heck is going on with the rhododendrons?

Do you remember on the TV show, “The Jetsons,” when mom Jane Jetson would answer her phone first thing in the morning and she could see the person she was talking to on a screen? If she hadn’t put herself together for the day, she had this false image of herself looking fabulous that she’d “…

From the moment a house is built, the clock starts ticking and a new history is being created.

Here in our part of New England, it is common to have water with impurities, which, if left unchecked, will most certainly stain sinks and bathtubs, damage pipes and can even cause long term health problems.

Outside My Door

When it comes to cooling summertime fun, most Vermonters seem to agree that Harriman Reservoir, also known as Lake Whitingham, is the ideal destination. This is the largest body of water in the state, measuring eight miles long and boasting 28 miles of coastline.

Back in the 19th century, Harry Thayer Kingsbury, owner of the Kingsbury Machine Tool Corp. in Keene, relished spending his summers at Spofford Lake in Chesterfield, where he would tool around with his family on his small fleet of steamboats. In 1887, tragedy hit, when a massive storm rolled…

The link between the muse and nature is irrefutable. Poets and artists have known this throughout the ages, and contemplation of the natural world has brought forth some of the greatest artistic accomplishments throughout human history.

Pickin' & Pokin'

Who would have ever thought a Danish fisherman in 1959 could have created a worldwide craze which would last even up until today?  

As all beer enthusiasts know, it’s not just the brews that keeps bringing them back. There is also a lot of memorabilia that goes along with the craft, including old signs, kegs, bottles and advertising. Much of this material is now highly collectible, and commands high prices.

Did George Washington ever sleep at the Wyman Tavern? How about John Stark? Or Salmon P. Chase?

The Dish

No matter how long you’ve been in the Monadnock Region, chances are you’ve heard of Doug’s Dogs, the little white truck that’s been parked in the corner of a store parking lot on Route 101 in Marlborough for decades.

MamaSezz meal delivery service came about when founders Meg Donahue and Lisa Lorimer realized that not only are the health and wellness benefits of a whole food plant-based diet astounding, the extra time spent purchasing and preparing the appropriate foods can be as well.

I’m not pickle possessed by any means, although I do enjoy a crisp dill spear alongside my grilled summer burger, but there was something about this recipe when I saw it pop up in my social media newsfeed that intrigued me enough to crave it — immediately.


A Brattleboro-based theater company’s main agenda isn’t merely to entertain — it’s to provide the audience with a transcendent experience.

Hip-hop to traditional Scottish music/rock fusion, a cappella to Japanese drumming, Mexican folklore to multisensory dance — from beginning to end, The Colonial Theatre’s 2019-2020 season’s offerings will keep audiences on their toes and at the edge of their seats.

In planning the Redfern Arts Center’s 38th season, Executive Director Shannon Mayers noticed a theme emerged.