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Body & Soul

Eight years ago, when Wanda Kirker was heading toward her 40th birthday, she decided to make a change. She wanted to move into the next part of her life with flexibility and energy, so she joined a gym and made her own quiet resolution to change.

Welcome back, folks. The Pro Corner has been on a bit of hiatus the last few months. Truth be told, I experienced back-to-back deaths of people in my life who were really important to me, while at the same time entering a molar-teething, thrashing, screaming toddler world.

It’s no secret that yoga has become immensely popular in recent years, with about 20 million Americans regularly taking up the practice. To ring in the new year, Sētu Yoga & Meditation Destination in Brattleboro will be hosting a Sētu New Year's Weekend starting Dec. 28 through Dec. 30, …

Sally Wright felt she was being dragged to a tango class. A friend of hers said they would go out to dinner first and then to class.

By Hand By Hobby

The night before "Don't Call Me Princess" was slated to open at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center (BMAC) last fall, New York-based fiber artist Orly Cogan's tapestries were in place and their labels were affixed to the walls. Then Cogan asked the installation crew to take down one of the t…

The seeds of ideas from Beth Krommes whimsical, magical, child’s dream-like illustrations were planted when she worked, of all places, for a computer magazine in Peterborough.

One day at work, knowing her family has a mini-farm, a co-worker asked Hayley Warner of Nelson if she would be interested in taking in a pet pig from someone in the city whose apartment was too small. After consulting with her husband, who immediately thought their kids would love having a p…

One day at work, knowing her family has a mini-farm, a co-worker asked Hayley Warner of Nelson if she would be interested in taking in a pet pig from someone in the city whose apartment was too small. After consulting with her husband, who immediately thought their kids would love having a p…

For cat lovers, few pastimes can provide as much amusement as tossing a catnip bag or toy onto the floor and watching our furry friends go completely berserk.

For some of us, the very idea of reptiles elicits feelings of repugnance and fear. There are, however, many others who hold a particular fondness for our cold-blooded friends and will go to great lengths to nurture them in their own homes.


Sun and the sand are primary reasons for heading, lemming-like, to the seashore in summer. The Maine coast around Kennebunkport has some of the best beaches in the Northeast, with miles of fine sand and gentle surf, but it also offers a variety of things to do when the sun doesn’t shine.

Get ready to see trucks topple and smoke pour out from hardcore motor vehicles at the 2018 Northeast Off-Road Jamboree. This annual event, hosted by Northeast Performance Diesel, is coming to the Cheshire Fairground in Swanzey on Saturday and Sunday, May 19 and 20, and will feature a number …

Half a decade ago, the Keene Lions Club started a program called the “Junior Lions.” Since then, more than 500 Keene High School juniors have joined at least four luncheon meetings each and participated in the Club’s activities.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, the event marked the passing of a civil rights icon whose legacy has only increased over the ensuing decades.

It Takes a Farm

While most human-folk are inside when the snow drifts down, hopefully snug by a warm fire with a hot drink, on Spring Pond Farm in Greenfield some of the residents revel in a winter wonderland. In fact, when owner Ray Cilley goes out in the morning, he might find his alpaca friends with snow…

For more than 100 years, the New Hampshire State Forest Nursery has been serving the Granite State and the New England region by "growing and distributing quality, bare-root seedlings for forestry, conservation, and education purposes."

If you visit the Halifax Hollow MicroFarm store on etsy.com, you'll find a variety of products in a number of different categories. Owner LiA Sanders of West Halifax, Vt., sells fruit butters, chutneys, herbal teas, seasoning salts and simple syrups among her many goods.

Nest / Intrepid Gardener

A couple months ago, I was headed down into the basement, clicking on the light switch at the top of the stairs and waiting for a fussy CFL bulb that’s just above the switch to flicker itself on. It’s definitely one of the earlier CFL bulb models that takes a few seconds to warm up.

The other day, an elf reached out to our ELF office from the lovely old town of Gilsum. It appeared something kind of magical was happening in this little wintery hamlet and this particular elf was acting as somewhat of a joy informant.

I was originally going to write this week’s Nest column about candles, but I pushed that ahead after cleaning my chicken house over the weekend, looking for something in the cupboard of the bathroom vanity upstairs in my house and then chatting with a client of mine at Achille Agway. The com…

Outside My Door

Since the dawn of the human race, people have gazed up into the heavens, searching for omens that will decide their ultimate destiny. For Native Americans, the Super Wolf Blood Moon, which occurs occasionally in January, is one such harbinger.

The small white building connected to the Hogback Mountain Gift Shop and 100-mile panoramic overlook on Route 9 in West Marlboro, Vt., houses a surprising collection.

Most of us have some kind of resolution in which we try to engage on this time of year, whether it’s trying to be nicer to people, stop smoking or get significantly more exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Pickin' & Pokin'

The owner of Anastasia's Closet in Bellows Falls, Ana Porteur, is somewhat less of an entrepreneur and a bit more of a fashionista with a collection that is just too big and too wonderful not to share with others. To that end, anyone looking for clothing that is finely made, one of a kind, o…

The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain in the latter half of the 18th century and quickly spread across the world, arriving in New England in 1790. That was the year that Samuel Slater opened the first industrial fabric mill using machinery based on a British model.

Christmas is just days away now. This time of the year is always an incredible whirlwind for those of us in the vintage retail business.

The Dish

Back in the old days, before we had the conveniences of refrigeration or freezing, people had to figure out ways to make their food last over the long, cold winter months. Smoking, drying and canning were the most popular, along with canning and fermentation.

After months of watching my friends post mouth-watering photos on Facebook and cyberstalking for open dates, I was finally able to taste the buttery baked biscuit deliciousness of The Biscuit Shed this past weekend. Hallelujah!