A Basic Man’s Food Adventure

I love cool treats all year long but even more so during hot weather. All of the ice cream stands are open and in full swing. All are great — soft serve, hard pack, freezes and shakes — and who can pass up the novelty treats. I remember waiting for the ice cream truck just to get a bomb pop, Italian ice or an ice cream novelty.

There are some easy home treats to enjoy too: frozen fruit, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches.

Fruits are easy to freeze, especially grapes. Just spread them on a cookie sheet and place it in the freezer. The faster the fruit freezes the less mushy they will be when taken out to eat, so if the freezer is crowded, the fruit will freeze slower and a less filled freezer will freeze the fruit faster.

I make popsicles and frozen treats using various containers such as ice cube trays or small four-ounce

storage containers.

When making popsicles, use popsicle sticks or cut the tips off large wooden skewers and cut into four-inch lengths. Fill the ice cube trays or small storage containers with your favorite fruit juice or soda. Stretch plastic wrap over the trays or containers, then poke the popsicle sticks or wooden skewers through the plastic wrap. You may need to use a knife to start a small hole in the plastic wrap. Carefully put the trays or containers in the freezer and let sit overnight. When they’re set, serve. Please supervise young children when serving popsicles.

Other frozen treats are made the same as popsicles without sticks or skewers.

Ice cream sandwiches are simple. Use your favorite soft cookie (12) or brownie (6). If using a brownie, cut it in half horizontally. Let your favorite ice cream get slightly soft but not melting. Place six cookies or six brownie bottoms, evenly spaced onto a cookie sheet. Place ice cream on the cookies or brownie bottoms and spread to an even thickness. Top each prepared ice cream with a cookie or brownie top. Then place the tray in the freezer and let the ice cream set. Remove the tray of ice cream sandwiches and serve. If there are any left over, immediately wrap each ice cream sandwich in plastic wrap and put back in freezer.

What treats can you create? Whatever they are, keep cool and enjoy.

Check back for more adventures. Until then be safe, be well and enjoy life.

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