The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 6. Here are answers from candidates who responded to a Sentinel questionnaire, plus video interviews and stories.

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Candidates: Jilletta Jarvis (L), Molly Kelly (D), and Chris Sununu (R).
Candidates: Ann M. Kuster (D), Steven Negron (R) and Justin O'Donnell (L).
Candidates: James S. Beard (R) and Andru Volinsky (D). Covers the local communities of Acworth, Alstead, Charlestown, Chesterfield, Dublin, Gilsum, Hancock, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Keene, Langdon, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson, Roxbury, Stoddard, Sullivan, Surry, Walpole, Westmoreland and Winchester.

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, D-Concord, spoke with The Sentinel's editorial board about his candidacy in his bid for re-election to the Executive Council District 2 on Sept. 24, 2018.

Candidates: Brian Chabot (L), Debora B. Pignatelli (D) and Dave Wheeler (R). Covers the local towns of Antrim, Bennington, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Jaffrey, Peterborough, Richmond, Rindge, Swanzey and Troy.
Candidates: Martha Hennessey (D) and Patrick Lozito (R). Covers the local town of Charlestown.
Candidates: Jenn Alford-Teaster (D) and Ruth Ward (R). Covers the local towns of Acworth, Antrim, Bennington, Langdon, Marlow and Stoddard.
Candidates: Jeanne Dietsch (D) and Dan Hynes (R). Covers the local towns of Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Greenfield, Hancock, Jaffrey, Peterborough, Richmond and Troy.
Candidates: Ian Freeman (L), Jay Kahn (D) and Dan LeClair (R). Covers Alstead, Chesterfield, Gilsum, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Keene, Marlborough, Nelson, Roxbury, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey, Walpole, Westmoreland and Winchester.
Candidates: Kevin Avard (R), and Melanie Levesque (D). Covers the local town of Rindge.
Four seats. Candidates: Michael D. Abbott (D), Paul Berch (D), Kate Day (R), Cathryn Harvey (D) and Lucy McVitty Weber (D). Covers Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Walpole and Westmoreland.
One seat. Candidates: Anne Cartwright (R) and John E. Mann (D). Covers Alstead, Marlow and Surry.
One seat. Candidates: Robert D'Arcy (R) and Daniel A. Eaton (D). Covers Gilsum, Nelson, Stoddard and Sullivan.
One seat. Candidates David Crawford (L) and David Morrill (D). Covers Keene Ward 1.
One seat. Candidate: John Bordenet (D). Covers Keene Ward 2.
One seat. Candidate David Meader (D). Covers Keene Ward 3.
One seat. Candidates: Robert J. Call (L), Alexander "Sparky" Von Plinsky (D). Covers Keene Ward 4.
One seat. Candidates Donovan Fenton (D) and John Therriault (R). Covers Keene Ward 5.
Two seats. Candidates: Richard Ames (D), Douglas Ley (D) and Christopher Mazerall (R). Covers Dublin, Harrisville, Jaffrey and Roxbury.
One seat. Candidates: Sandy Swinburne (D) and Ed Bryans (R). Covers Marlborough and Troy.
Two seats. Candidates: John B. Hunt (R), Patricia Martin (D), John O'Day (R), and Susan S. Silverman (D). Covers Fitzwilliam and Rindge.
Two seats. Candidates: Barry Faulkner (D), Jennie Gomarlo (D), Jim McConnell (R) and David A. Pierce (R). Covers Richmond and Swanzey.
One seat. Candidates: Chester Lapointe 2nd (R) and Henry A.L. Parkhurst. Covers Winchester.
One seat. Candidates: Franklin W. Sterling Jr. (R) and Craig R. Thompson (D). Covers Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Rindge and Roxbury.
One seat. Candidates: Stephen K. Malone (R) and Bruce L. Tatro (D). Covers Marlborough, Richmond, Swanzey, Troy and Winchester.
Two seats. Candidates: William A. Pearson (D), Darryl W. Perry (L) and Joe Schapiro (D). Covers all of Keene.
Two seats. Candidates: Keith T. Cobbett (L), Jim Fedolfi (R), Richard D. McNamara (D) and Marjorie Porter (D). Covers Antrim, Hillsborough and Windsor
One seat. Candidates: Tim Lord (R) and Daniel R. Pickering (D). Covers Bennington, Greenfield and Hancock.
Two seats. Candidates: Peter R. Leishman (D) and Ivy Vann (D). Covers Peterborough.
Two seats. Candidates: Chris Balch (D), David Bedard (R), James Bosman (D) and John J. Valera (R). Covers Antrim, Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Hillsborough, Lyndeborough, Wilton and Windsor.
One seat. Candidates: Judy Aron (R) and Claudia Y. Istel (D). Covers Acworth, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster and Washington.
One seat. Candidates: Tom Laware (R) and John W. Streeter (D). Covers Charlestown.
One seat. Candidates: Bruce L. Cragin (D) and Steven Smith (R). Covers Acworth, Charlestown, Goshen, Langdon, Lempster and Washington.
Candidates: Earl D. Nelson (R) and Eli Rivera (D).
Candidates: Peter L. Graves (R) and Jack Wozmak (D). Covers Chesterfield, Hinsdale, Surry, Swanzey, Walpole, Westmoreland and Winchester. Two-year term.
Candidates: Joe Cartwright (R) and Robert J. Englund (D). Covers Alstead, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Gilsum, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Marlow, Nelson, Richmond, Rindge, Stoddard, Sullivan and Troy. Four-year term.
Candidate: D. Chris McLaughlin (D)
Candidates: Terry M. Clark (D), Kenneth Kelly 3rd (L).