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Nine blue jays flock to their morning meal of nuts and seeds while many more wait in the trees in Rindge last month.

Bevy of blue jays

School News, Jan. 8, 2021

Ethan J. Caldarelli, son of Joseph Caldarelli and Ivy Butterworth of Florida, recently graduated from the University of Northern Florida on Dec. 11 with a degree in finance. He is the grandson of John and Judy Caldarelli of Swanzey. Caldarelli is working full time with BDO Wealth Management in Florida.

The following local students were named to the president’s list at Plymouth State University for the fall 2020 semester.

Bellows Falls: Kathleen Hodsden

Hancock: Jamison Coty

Harrisville: Jasmin Reed

Hinsdale: Lydia Finch, Joshua Webster

Keene: Audrianna Lavertue, Amanda Wilfore, Frederick Zecha

Marlborough: Lillian Starkey

Marlow: Sarah Parenti

Peterborough: Cassandra Cutting, Maya Langa, Kyle Shearer

Rindge: Alexys Smith, Lily Bennett

Sullivan: Amanda Leblanc

Swanzey: Elizabeth Domina

Troy: Joseph Reppucci

Westmoreland: Elaina Paulin, Maria Majewski

The following local students were named to the dean’s list at Plymouth State University for the fall 2020 semester.

Antrim: Margaret Wood

Charlestown: Linsey Decato

Hancock: Maxwell Kerwin

Hinsdale: Kayle Hussey

Keene: Keegan Murphy

Marlow: Shelby Durant

Peterborough: Abigail Cail

The following local students were named to the dean’s list at the University of Vermont in Burlington for the fall 2020 semester.

Keene: John Zwierzchowski

Marlborough: Emily Miller

Marlow: Carley Hume

Swanzey: Molly Hulett

Jaffrey-Rindge School District announces first term honor roll

The following 206 students in grades 6-12 were named to the honor roll at Conant High School and Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School for the first term of the 2020-2021 school year.

Forty-one students achieved high honors:

Grade 12: Victoria Feyrer, Kevin Goddard, Alyza Hill, Lauren Luhtjarv, Tiffany Marrotte, Makayla Paquin, Erica Schuyler, Eva Shirey, Erin Weidner, Abigail Wheeler

Grade 11: Kendall Chamberlain, Chelsea Dupuis, Heather Gonyea, Jennah Harvey, Bella Hayes, Emma Kelly, Emily Muilenberg, Jessica Roeun, Gianna Sangermano

Grade 10: Laurel Bennett, Isabella Brooks, Julia Chenausky, Jordan French, Jaykob Hagstrom, Grace O’Neill, Ella Weinmann

Grade 9: Irelynd AuCoin, Madison Bellofatto, Alexander Cummings, Abigail Desrosiers, Haley Hannon, Natalie Lambert, Alivia Martin, Hayden Rowland, Kaylee Truong

Grade 7: Chance Derosier, Ava Rollins, Riley Vitello

Grade 6: Aaron Graham, Hannah Shea, Ellia Wilkinson,

One hundred sixty-five students achieved honors:

Grade 12: Kobe Bedard, Quinn Dowland, Elizabeth Gonyea, Megan Graff, Eamon Gregory-Dowd, Jared LeBlanc, Alyssia Maki, Cailees O’Neill, Shamus Robbins, Sarah Smith, Jacob Tremblay, Christopher Wilson

Grade 11: Cassam Abitz, Maria Anton, Alison Asaff, Michael Brooks, Elicia Dupuis, Logan Favart, Anna Fernald, Allyson Hocter, Abigail Horne, Benjamin Hotaling, Annalise Michaud, Olyvia Middleton, Jamara Niemela, John Oakes, Jacob O’Neill, Sadie Ostergard, Austin Poikonen, Gabriel Singelais, Teresa Spingola, Ethan Vitello

Grade 10: Maya Anton, Felicia Bailey, Aidan Brown, Melora Charlonne, Kimberly Chea, Kaiden Cooke, Richard Egan, William Gardiner, Raven Groblewski, Adrienne Kennedy, Jonah Layfield, Daniel MacIntyre, Brynn Rautiola, Lillian Rennie, Jacob Sawyer, Rylee Seppala, Andrew Sisombath, Amalia Stenersen, Zoe Upward, Talia White, Kelly Williams, Anthony Wilson

Grade 9: Elivia Anderson-McCarthy, Madelyn Bergeron, Ellie Cassidy, Jonathan Ciglar, Joseph Cooper, Ava Cruz, Hailey Dubois, Isabella Hart, Thomas Harvey, Aubrie Hendrickson, Kaylee Hoey-Perron, Graecen Kirby, Amarah Lapinsky, Amriel Lucier, Desirah McKenney, Taniesha Muhonen, Matthew Muilenberg, Jordan Nagle, Megan Newton, Ava Nordahl, Zoley Pothier, Jacob Rockhill, Eli Sawyer, Brinley Seppala, Nobley Walker, Ella Weinhold

Grade 8: Rhianna Aho, Gina Anton, Ashlyn Askey, Joshua Blanchette, Kayla Bujnowski, Hailey Dow, Jared Dugan, Lucy Dupuis, Lola Hayes, Tristin Herr, Logan Hocter, Quinn Kelly, Peyton Lawn, Bailey Middleton, Willow Middleton, Neve Mormando, Keegan O’Donal-Bourke, Olivia O’Malley, Zamora Pothier, Jessica Pui, Izabelle Rollins, Brooke Seppala, Taylor Shea, Jocelyn Touch, Emryn Vitello

Grade 7: Sophia Battisti, McKenna Bellofatto, Violet Bennett, Lynzie Broome, Kaiden Charron, Connor Egan, Veronika Geloran, Dominic Gnoza, Aidyn Harris, Amelia Hill, Charles Houle, Ava Kerswell, Khloe Kirby, Jacob Levesque, Ella Little, Leila Lundsted, Eliza Malia, Emma Norris, Addison Ouellette, Travis Rennie, Molly Richards, Caroline Rockhill, Hunter Schultz, Drey Seppala, Allies Sisombath, Norah Smith, Sophia Spingola, Alise Sulin

Grade 6: Sharlise Aho, Colt AuCoin, Kaylin Bennett, Kloe Bennett, Madison Bradbury, Abbigail Collins, Brianne Dupuis, Kamille Gadson, Lucienne Gauquier, Lucianna Gregory, Arianna Harris, Mia Lambert, Ayden LeBlanc, Ryan Lennon, Kylie MacKay, Annalise Medders, Lily Mormando, Fatima Mortada, Kylie Nunes, Emma O’Malley, Liam Parent, Reyna Perez, Aidan Picard, Cody Reini, Nicholas Roberts, Aerowyn Schwertz, Colton Seppala, Brock Spruill, Antoinette Taylor, Evelyn Townsend, Connor Tremblay, Rachel Wooster.

Births at Cheshire Medical Center, Dec. 1-Jan. 1

The following 11 local births were among those listed at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1:

Dec. 1, a girl, Sofia Catherine Astley, born to Erin and Ryan Astley of Spofford.

Dec. 3, a boy, Oscar Karl Bermier-Wright, born to Kayla and Matthew Bermier-Wright of Bellows Falls.

Dec. 5, a boy, Ricky James Young, born to Kellie and Tyler Young of Charlestown.

Dec. 5, a girl, Olivia Mae Clough, born to Angela and Philip Clough of Swanzey.

Dec. 9, a boy, Elizabeth Ann Hahn, born to Mackenzie and William Hahn of Surry.

Dec. 12, a boy, Maddax David Chickering, born to Felicia (Gaillardetz) and Jeremy Chickering of Walpole.

Dec. 16, a boy, Dominick Kevin Hyde, born to Alicia Hyde of Walpole.

Dec. 17, a girl, Makenna Jade McDonald, born to Brittany (Jones) and Hunter McDonald of Marlborough.

Dec. 19, a girl, Ember Rayne Kissell, born to Sarah (Jones) and Jeffrey Kissell of Winchester.

Jan. 1, a boy, John Eric LaPlume, born to Margaret and Luke LaPlume of Richmond.

Jan. 1, a girl, Reagan Louise Freda, born to Shana (Weaver) and Nicholas Freda of Rindge.

Spofford Lake Association to hold ice out lottery

This winter the Spofford Lake Association (SLA) is sponsoring the first annual Spofford Lake Ice Out Lottery, in which people can buy a lottery ticket and guess when ice will disappear from the lake.

The winning date will be determined by the SLA ice-out lottery committee. Consistent with previous precedent for state reporting, this will be the first date on which there is no visible ice anywhere on the lake surface at 2 p.m.

If there is more than one entry for the winning date, a single winner will be selected by a random drawing conducted by the committee.

The lottery will be 50-50. The SLA will divide its share of the proceeds with the Chesterfield Historical Society, which plans to put the money toward phase two of its Stone House Tavern Museum. One of the museum’s rooms will be dedicated to an extensive collection of Spofford Lake memorabilia.

Lottery tickets, which are $10 each, can be purchased only through the SLA website: https://spoffordlakeassociation.org/ICE-OUT-LOTTERY-PAGE

There is no limit to the number of tickets an individual can purchase.

The SLA and its many volunteers are dedicated to protecting, enhancing and sustaining the character of Spofford Lake.

Your Words: Many thanks regarding Mariposa roof project

The Mariposa Museum at 26 Main St. in Peterborough has a new roof. A crew from Guyer & Son arrived the day before the snowstorm of Dec. 17, stripped off all the old shingles, and reshingled by the end of the day.

This project was made possible by the tax credit program administered by the N.H. Community Development Finance Authority, or CDFA. These local businesses pledged and bought the tax credits that funded the roofing project: C&S Wholesale Grocers, Grove Street Fiduciary LLC, SoClean, Raynor Dental and Spoonwood Dental Partners, the Kapiloff Insurance Agency and Perry Family Dental Care.

Mariposa is most grateful to the N.H. CDFA for awarding us this grant and to our business partners who are helping us to keep our building, our collection and our visitors safe and dry! We also thank the selectboard of the town of Peterborough for their letter of support in the grant application to CDFA.

Mariposa’s mission is to foster peace, global awareness and understanding across cultural boundaries. Mariposa builds bridges, and in a region with so many covered bridges, it now has a solid roof.




Mariposa Board of Directors

26 Main St.