Inspired by the cross-country protest walk by Dublin resident Doris “Granny D” Haddock, and building on the success of its 2014 winter march, the N.H. Rebellion will expand Granny D’s message calling for reforms to “get big money out of our politics” to all four corners of the state this month.

N.H. Rebellion is organizing four separate walks this year, starting in Keene, Nashua, Portsmouth and Dixville Notch, and converging on Concord for a Statehouse rally on Jan. 21. The message the walkers will carry to Concord is the same as championed by Granny D: ordinary citizens should rebel against how big money controls politics and return the system to “people politics” where every voice matters regardless of how much money one contributes to campaigns.

Founded in 2014, the N.H. Rebellion is a non-profit organization pressing for campaign finance reform in the state. Granny D, at age 90, walked 3,200 miles from California to Washington, D.C., to protest campaign finance laws in 2000.

The western N.H. Rebellion walk starts in Keene on Saturday, Jan. 17, at 10 a.m. in Central Square. Walkers will travel from Keene to Peterborough along Route 101, head north on Route 202 through Bennington and Antrim, and then east on Route 9 through Hillsborough and Henniker, and on to Concord for the Jan. 21 rally.

Meals and overnight stays have been arranged in local towns and a series of events, talks and entertainment is planned.

All are welcome and encouraged to meet and provide support for the walkers along the route. Information: