Details for Charisma 1.5 yr old Holland Lop Neutered Male White I'm


Charisma 1.5 yr old Holland Lop Neutered Male White I'm just a bun on the run and in more ways than one. I would do well as a companion bun that can travel the world with you. I get bored very easily and like to have my enclosure moved about the shelter. I enjoy the company of my stuffed animals and may enjoy the company of another bun that I can boss around. I definitely need companionship, someone with a lot of patience, and a 100% bunny proof home. You will know when I am bored or unhappy because my behavior matches my emotions. I can't help it I just have a lot of feelings to communicate and I am not always sure how to do it. Please come visit me and all my friends real soon at MHS. You can visit him or our many great pets for adoption at our Adoption Center located at 101 West Swanzey Road just outside of Keene on Route 10-South. Business hours are Wednesday through Friday from Noon until 6PM and Saturday through Sunday from 11AM to 4PM. There are many homeless animals at MHS that need loving forever homes. For more information please contact us online or call us at 603-352-9011 ext. 101.