Most Eligible Bachelor: Kevin Wheeler

Kevin Wheeler has lived an exciting life so far that’s taken him around the world. Which is why, now that he’s looking for a partner in life, he knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t want.

The Sullivan native left for army boot camp at 17, followed by military police school and then a deployment in 2008 to Afghanistan. After working at a New Hampshire flooring company for five years, he went to work as a freight train conductor with Pan Am Railways.

“It was a tough schedule,” he said of the position, which is why he resigned and applied for a position with the Army National Guard as a drill sergeant. He is now spending part of the summer in South Carolina, working for a recruit training company for guards.

After he returns to Sullivan in July, he plans to stay put, working for his father’s business, Keene Transmission Exchange.

It’s been difficult for him to date living in the town where he grew up.

“Everyone knows everyone,” he said. “I’ve been set up a lot and there’s always this pressure with that. I’d rather just let (a relationship) happen.”

He feels he brings several desirable qualities to the table.

“I’m an outgoing, easygoing, motivated person,” he said. “I’m probably the most honest person I know.”

While his deal-breaker is smoking, his foremost requirements in a partner are a strong sense of character and a love of being around children — he has two sons, 6 and 12 years old.

Added bonuses include a sense of humor, a love of trying new things and zero fear of getting a little dirty.

“I like someone who likes to look good and presents themselves well but who isn’t afraid to put on some work boots, old jeans and a T-shirt and relax — someone who doesn’t mind breaking a nail,” he said.

That’s because his number one hobby is anything outdoors — hunting, fishing, hiking, boating — you name it. He particularly enjoys hiking in his hometown and taking his boat out on smaller ponds in the area as well as on Spofford Lake.

The natural environment is his passion. He plans to use his tuition assistance from his GI bill to continue his education in environmental studies and work as a fish and game warden.

The interests and passions of his potential mate are just as important to him as his own.

“I realize any relationship requires mutual respect,” he said. “It’s a give and take.”