Best Local Pet Supply Store: One Stop Country Pet Supply


For those at One Stop Country Pet Supply, the line between “customer” and “friend” is hazy.

“We honestly look forward to seeing them and catching up with their lives, their families and their pets,” said Bill Rohdenburg, manager of the Keene store. “[So] one of the hardest parts of the stay-at-home order has been that we haven't been able to spend time with them. It sounds kinda corny, but we honestly miss them.”

The Keene location, at 26 Ash Brook Road, opened in 2009. It’s one of several owned by Saskia Whallon of Guilford, Vt. – the other stores are in Brattleboro, which opened in 2001, and Berlin, Vt., which opened in 2012. They have a staff that is knowledgeable and also part of the community themselves. According to Rohdenburg, “many of the Keene team members live within walking distance of the Keene store.”

He added, “the people around here have a pretty strong ‘local ethic,’ which is wonderful to see both as a resident and as a small business. It's part of what makes Vermont, New Hampshire and Keene such great places to live and work.”

Touting the widest selection of pet supplies, One Stop caters to dogs, cats, birds, fish, equine animals, reptiles and small pets such as hamsters and guinea pigs. With everything from food and treats, cages and pens, grooming accessories and wellness products to bedding and toys… One Stop lives up to its name.

“The One Stop team members all have a passion for pets, and they honestly care about them and their human companions,” Rohdenburg said, adding awards and that type of recognition has never been what drive the store chain. “I think that comes through to customers the first time they have a conversation with any of the team.”

For One Stop, the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

“The reward for us,” Rohdenburg said, “is when that customer makes a point of coming back in and telling us just how much that food, supplement or whatever product has helped their pet.”