Best Local Family Doctor/Provider: Lisa Profetto

Lisa Profetto and husband Eric Goodman. Both are MSNs, APRNs.

Over a span of 18 years in the Monadnock region, Lisa Profetto (MSN, APRN), a family nurse practitioner, has gotten to know a lot of residents. She’s grown up with local families and seen multiple generations come and go. While the family medicine practice at Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene, where she’s spent nearly two decades, serves about 40,000 patients, she says it sometimes feels more like 400.

“I know Keene is a city, but it definitely has that small-town feel. I’ve been so happy here,” Profetto said.

She worked in similar practices in North Carolina and Texas after earning her undergraduate degree in registered nursing from Boston College. She also holds a master’s degree in nursing science (pediatric nurse practitioner) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a post-master’s in nursing (family nurse practitioner) from Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi.

She enjoyed the traveling her education opportunities presented, but her heart has always been in New England. “I’ve been so blessed,” said the Connecticut native. “New Hampshire has been just wonderful.”

Profetto and her husband, Eric Goodman – also an MSN, APRN who works in pediatrics at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Keene – decided to return north because their families are in New England.

“We realized how important family is,” she said, noting that realization has helped bolster her work as a family practitioner and has further enhanced her appreciation and love of the Monadnock region.

“It’s such an honor to be here and part of this community,” Profetto said. “I’m proud of the work we do here. And as they say, ‘sometimes the best doctor is a nurse.’”