Vermont Business Connects Companies with Onsite Nursing Services

WILLIAMSVILLE, Vt. — A Vermont-based staffing business hopes to encourage healthy habits while saving companies money. Michelle Mortimer of Williamsville, Vermont, said she acquired Wellness Works LLC a year ago, but a family hardship delayed her ability to focus on the business until recently. Wellness Works partners with companies to reduce their costs by increasing safety, Mortimer said. She coordinates contracted on-site nursing services, through which a nurse might work at a company one day a week or full time. After working for several years as a board-certified nurse in emergency departments, Mortimer said she “wanted to get to the point where I was helping people, as opposed to just kind of patching them together.” Mortimer said having a nurse on company premises can result in lower absenteeism, more engaged employees and cost savings on insurance premiums. Her business also communicates with company safety directors and handles case management for workers’ compensation. The goal is to reduce costs to a client by preventing injuries and steering employees toward the proper care, Mortimer said. “For an example, an ER visit costs greater than $1,000, when an urgent care visit costs $100,” she said. “So when you have a nurse on site, (they) can do an assessment and really figure out where that injured person needs to go and how to get them back to work quickly.” Wellness Works services southwestern New Hampshire and parts of the bordering states, with clients concentrated in Keene, Bellows Falls, Walpole and Brattleboro. Mortimer said the business could potentially expand to other areas in response to client demand and the availability of nurses. For more information, call 802-579-5138 or visit (Photo of Michelle Mortimer courtesy Wellness Works.)